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Wednesday 9th Nov

James Witts (10am Book now)

James is a freelance lifestyle and sports journalist, and author of The Science of the Tour de France. He formerly edited leading triathlon magazine, Tri220.

Jeff Dawson (11am Book now)

Jeff has interviewed most of the biggest names in Hollywood –  he is a highly experienced journalist, produced screenwriter, and critically acclaimed author. He worked for Empire magazine and was editor of the US edition in the 90s.

Steve Cotton (11.15am Book now)

Steve is chief sports writer for Western Daily Press and Bristol Evening Post who covers Bristol Rugby; he has also written for New York Times

Panel Discussion (12.15am Book now)

The life of a freelancer. Jeff Dawson and James Witts will discuss their professional lives and how the role of the freelancer has changed. The event will be chaired by Jude Rogers who is a music critic for The Guardian and  She also regularly writes features and articles for The Observer, New Statesman and magazines such as Red.

Indra Bhose (1pm – Book now)

Indra is a hugely experienced writer and director who directed a live feature performance of Bollywood Carmen and has written for shows such as River City, Holby City and The Bill.

Mark Nicholls (1pm – Book now)

Mark is a writer with more than 25 years’ experience in the media at regional and national level and has won a number of awards. In recent years, I’ve covered areas as diverse as health, business and defence including operating in war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is also author of the book Norfolk Maritime Heroes & Legends and A History of The Hoste.

Simon Waldman (2pm – Book now)

Simon worked for the BBC for almost 30 years and was in charge of BBC’s live news TV coverage during the terrorist attacks in American on September 11, 2001, The London bombings of 7/7, when Saddam Hussein was captured, and when Lady Thatcher died.

Panel discussion (3pm Book now)

Mark Nicholls and Simon Waldman will discuss covering breaking news on some of the biggest stories of the past decades. Paul Wiltshire, former editor and newsroom expert, will chair.

Matt Hall (2.30pm Book now)

Matt is a radio/multimedia professional with nearly thirty years’ experience in music radio production, feature making and multimedia editorial. He has produced radio shows for BBC Radio 1 & 2, ran the BBC department at Somethin’ Else, the UK’s biggest independent production company, and was the exec producer on The Guardian’s multimedia music coverage, including projects as diverse as their coverage of both Glastonbury and Glyndebourne.

Sarah Pickering and Howard Price (3.15pm Book now)

Sarah is Head of Promotions at Sony ATV Publishing. Her primary roles include managing the EMI Production Music sales team, heading up the commercial TV and Promo’s team, and Producing the Juice label (Production music library that is co-owned by ITV and EMI/Sony)
Howard is Director of Broadcast & Media Rights at Sony ATV/EMI Music Publishing. He has worked for the company for over 15 years and heads their team managing partnerships with broadcasters and film/tv producers, focusing on bespoke specially composed music. Howard is a lecturer at The Royal College Music for their Composition for Screen Masters Programme.
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