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Tuesday 8th Nov

Stuart James (10.30am Book now)

Stuart is a former professional footballer who is now Bristol-based Guardian reporter. He has written Jamie Vardy’s first book and also covers Wales’ national side.

Paul Gray (11am Book now)

Paul is a bassist who was at the forefront of the punk revolution with bands such as Eddie and the Hot Rods and The Damned. He is heavily involved with the British Musician’s Union.

Geoff Peters (11.30am Book now)

Geoff is a TalkSPORT reporter and presenter who covers Leicester City and had a front-row seat during their astonishing rise to the top of the Premier League in 2015/16.

Panel Discussion (1.30pm Book now)

Brendan McCoughlin will chair a discussion about 2016: The Year of the Underdog following Leicester’s incredible rise to win the Premier League.

Paddy Barclay (2.30pm Book now)

Paddy is one of the most respected sports journalists in the United Kingdom who was worked for the Guardian, the Independent, the Daily Telegraph and The Times. He is chairman of the Football Writers’ Association and a regular on Sky Sports.

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